How we add your logo

All of our Drinkware models feature large, dedicated branding areas to display your logo. Depending on the model you choose, we can add your logo using high-resolution screen printing, photo printing, full-wrap printing, or laser engraving.

In this guide, we explain the techniques used to add your custom branding to our drinkware and which options are best for your specific style of logo.
Flasky - How we add your logo

Branding your Drinkware in 5 Steps:

  • Step 1:  We create a free, no obligation Virtual Proof for you. This Virtual Proof includes all of the agreed details of your branding, such as the exact Pantone® colours, font type, shape, scale and position. We use this Virtual Proof as a guide for the branding process.

  • Step 2:  We provide high-definition printing and engraving to create your custom branded water bottles, coasters and travel cups. All printing and engraving is performed by our team of expert technicians in our own factory. 

  • Step 3:  Once the printing process is complete, we move the printed bottles, cups and coasters into our specially designed oven to bond the ink to the surface to create a strong and durable finish. For laser-engraved drinkware, we then clean the surfaces using a formula that refines the etched design. 

  • Step 4:  The next stage is our quality assurance process during which each product is carefully inspected to ensure all custom Water Bottles, Travel Cups and Coasters meets our grading standards.

  • Step 5:  Your finished promotional drinkware is then individually packed in protective biodegradable plastic sleeves and recycled cardboard boxes, and sent via Fast Shipping, direct to your door!

Printing and Engraving Options:

Photo Printing Using photo printing on drinkware, we beautifully reproduce logos and company branding that feature shading, graduated colours and photo elements. The finished printed branding on your water bottles, travel cups or coasters features vibrant, durable colours.

Full Wrap Printing
Full wrap printing onto our reusable water bottles and travel cups creates a stunning effect with your design or image covering the branding surface wrapping all around your promotional bottle or travel cup. To avoid a visible seam where the full-wrap printing joins, we can advise you on the ideal design approaches to use ensure you get the best result from your full-wrap printing.

Screen Printing
This branding method is ideal for multi-colour logos that have solid colours without gradients or shading. Your logo is converted into a stencil made of delicate, porous nylon fabric which is overlayed onto the drinkware ready for the first application of colour. For multi-colour logos we use separate stencils for each colour. The screen printing machine then applies the layer of different colour inks using a smooth rolling technique that ensures a crisp and smooth finish every time.

Laser Engraving
Laser engraving your logo or text onto drinkware creates a stylish effect that looks great on metallic surfaces. This branding method can be applied to both solid and detailed logos. There are no coloured inks. The finished monochrome result will be etched into the surface of the bottle or cup.

Your logo design is digitised and uploaded to the Laser Engraving Computer. The Laser Engraving computer system then plots the optimum vector pathway to begin the marking process. Each water bottle, cup or coaster is then placed and fixed into position to ensure each item is marked identically.

The laser delivers large amounts of energy which is transformed into heat. This heat precisely vaporises the surface of the product, leaving the desired marking. Our specialised Laser Engraving team monitor the whole process from start to finish and carefully clean each bottle, cup or coaster with a special formula to ensure the finished laser-engraved logo and text is beautifully etched onto the surface.

Suitable branding options for different logo styles:

Logo Style    Photo   
Single colour logo x x
Logo with solid colours and text x x
Logo on a solid colour background x
Logo with shading and/or colour gradients x x
Logo with shading, colour gradients and/or photo elements x x

Interested to learn more?

Our Account Managers are ready to help answer any questions you may have and can send you free samples to help you select your preferred branding method. View the full product catalogue here >